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Transition from Parent Portal to Ascender

Our current TxConnect Parent Portal(PP) will migrate to the new Ascender software April 2, 2020. Students and parents will not have access to the portal until we launch it the following week. You should have access to PP by Wednesday the following week.

Things to know about Ascender Parent Portal ~
  • It's important that students and parents know their username and password to PP.  You will be able to log into Ascender with your current TxConnect username and password.  Since the URL web address will change, your device will not auto remember. 
  • No more mobile app - Ascender has a responsive design.  It will adjust to the device you are using, provided  the internet browser is correct, and you zoom your viewing screen to 75%.
  • Internet browser - The user must use the latest version of ChromeSafari or Firefox.  These three browsers are the only ones supported. Ascender will not run properly if not using a supported browser.
  • Ascender alerts may be turned off post migration.  You will need to check your alerts upon logging in.
  • The parent portal link will change. The new one will be posted on our website. 
  • A user guide will be posted to our website.
  • Online Registration for 2020-21 will occur in May using Ascender Parent Portal.