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    A Little About
    Ms. Richeson
    Contact:  richesons@eraisd.net
    Phone:  940-665-5961 ext.220
    So, who is Ms. Richeson? I have been in the teaching profession since 1993. During those years, I was an aid in the St. Mary's Early Learning Center program (4 and 5 year old children) and then became the teacher for the 3 and 4 year old children.  While at St. Mary's, I also taught children in grades K - 8th that just needed that little bit of extra love and care to help them succeed. In 2006, I came to Era ISD and taught 4th grade for 4 years.  In 2010, I moved to 2nd grade.  I was there 3 years and loved those precious little ones; however, in 2013 I made yet another move.  I am now the 3rd grade Math and Science teacher.  I am so excited to be teaching the subjects I love!!!  I feel so extremely blessed to be a part of the Era ISD family!
    Education is constantly changing and I must be prepared to change with it. Of all the experiences I have had through these years in education, I can attest, that a sense of humor combined with a sincere love and appreciation for children, mixed in with the current developments in education is what makes for a satisfying and rewarding career.  Each of the children has a special talent that needs to be brought out in order to let them shine.  Some are easier to find than others, but that is a challenge that a teacher has to face.  How exciting and satisfying  it is to see a child shine and grow!
    Beside my school children, I find my family very satisfying and rewarding as well. I am the mother of three sons and I have the most adorable grandson as well!  My family is so precious and means the world to me.
    I do enjoy simplicity! In what little spare time I have, I like to read any of the Karen Kingsbury books, spend time with family and friends, relax by taking a walk, or just soaking up the nature that surrounds me while rocking in my chair on my patio.  I enjoy trying new recipes and tasting different cuisines as well. Life is good! 
    I know with this group of third grade children, we are going to have a GREAT year! Thanks for visiting and may you have a very blessed day!