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Prospective Members - Information

Thank you for your interest in joining the Era chapter of NHS! 

We will look at high school grades after completion of the first semester of your Sophomore year of high school and if you meet the grade requirement for NHS, you will receive an invitation letter, along with instructions for the additional requirements to become an NHS member.  It will have to be completed by the due date given in the letter.  A committee made of five confidential staff from Era ISD will review your application, teacher rubrics, letters of recommendation and essay and if you are selected to become a member, you will be requested to attend the induction ceremony (typically held in April).

*Note:  Juniors and Seniors who are NOT currently in NHS can be invited to join following the review of Fall semester grades of Junior and Senior year.  They will be required to complete the same application process as Sophomores. **Juniors and Seniors who have previously been invited to join but did not complete application process will not be invited to apply again.

**Juniors who applied at end of Sophomore year and were not accepted are welcome to apply again with the addition of 50 hours of documented community service.

The four pillars of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character provided on the overview page will get you started on what is required to become and remain a member of this distinguished organization.

In the forms page, you can print and begin logging your community service (required to become a member).


The following are community and school activities that qualify as school sponsored and community activities. For community activities, this is not an exhaustive list. Activities not listed will need to be approved by NHS sponsors and secondary principal.

School-Sponsored Activities

Community Activities


Church Youth Group/Mission Trips

UIL Athletics (Football, Basketball, Tennis, Track,      

                      Cross Country, Baseball, Softball)

4-H/Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts

Ag/FFA (LDE, CDE, and Ag Mech teams only)

Meals on Wheels

UIL One Act Play

Abigails Arms

UIL Choir

Non-Profit Volunteer Work 

TAFE or BETA club



Personal Job