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Camp Grady Spruce

What camp is all about

   Camp Grady Spruce
at Possum Kingdom Lake

Camp Grady Spruce is an outdoor educational camp at Possum Kingdom, Texas (just outside of Mineral Wells, Texas).  Our 5th grade classes have been attending this camp for many years now and each class can not wait for their turn!  Students learn everything from using a compass to using their senses.  It's 3 fun-filled packed days of learning!  Below you will find some helpful links about our trip to camp.  Thank you for stopping by! 

There are many educational, social, physical and self-esteem values of the camp.  The camp director and staff are very concerned with the safety, life skills, schedule and requirements that are a part of the camp.

Some of the educational opportunities of the camp are orienteering, animal scents, history of the area, fault lines, geographical studies, archaeology, lake study, flower and environmental studies, measuring food waste while at camp, project wild, project learning tree and many more!