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Supplemental Student Insurance

Era ISD Parents & Guardians-
    This message is just to remind you that Era ISD annually purchases supplemental student accident insurance for all our students, which provides insurance coverage, additional to a student's primary insurance, for any accidents resulting in student injuries while at school or school events, occurring anywhere from the playground to the classroom to athletics. This supplemental coverage is provided at no cost to our students.
    The same company that provides this coverage also offers optional, full-time (24 hour) low-cost primary health and dental insurance plans for students who may not have access to primary insurance coverage. While these plans are limited in coverage, they are certainly better than no primary coverage at all. Purchase of such plans is strictly voluntary, and is simply provided as a benefit option to our students and their families. Information brochures are available in the campus principal's offices, and a partial copy of the brochure is attached for your review purposes.
   In the unfortunate event that your student is involved in an accident that requires medical attention while they are at school, please contact either the appropriate campus principal or the athletic director (if the accident was in an athletic setting), in order to request a claim form. Once the claim form is completed by district staff, it is your responsibility as a parent to complete your part of the form and file it with the insurance company.
   If you have additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the district administration offices. Thanks very much!

Era ISD - Voluntary Student Accident Insurance 2019-20--English

Era ISD - Voluntary Student Accident insurance 2019-20--Spanish