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Vocabulary Lists

Vocabulary Lists:  Freshman and Senior

First Six Weeks   Freshmen Words

WEEK ONE:  abase, abhor, aborigine, absolve, adequate, adroit, adversity, affluent, agnostic, allocate

WEEK TWO:  amateur, ambiguous, amnesty, apex, appall, articulate, astute, atrocious, austere, badger

WEEK THREE:  banter, benediction, blatant, brazen, cajole, calamity, capitulate, celestial, cerebral

WEEK FOUR:  chaotic, chide, chronic, citadel, cite, cleft, coherent, comatose, compliant, concurrent       Second Six Weeks WEEK FIVE:  confidant, conjecture, copious, corpulent, covenant, craven, curtail, dappled, dawdle, decrepit      

WEEK SIX:  six weeks vocabulary test

WEEK ONE:  deify, delete, demean, depreciate, despoil, dexterity, digress, disciple, disdain, dissonant 

WEEK TWO:  diverge, divulge, doldrums, dolt, drivel, ecstasy, edict, effusive, egress, embellish 

WEEK THREE:  emulate, endow, engulf, enigma, enunciate, epistle, erratic, euphoria, exhume, exorcise

WEEK FOUR:  expound, extol, facade, fallible, ferret, fiasco, finite, fluctuate, fortify, frugal

WEEK FIVE:  garb, generic, gilded, gossamer, gratuity, gyrate, habitat, harass, holocaust, hone   

WEEK SIX:  six weeks vocabulary test 

Third Six Weeks

WEEK ONE: hyperbole, idiosyncrasy, imbibe, impale, impeccable, implant, impudence, inarticulate, incite, incorrigible  

WEEK TWO:  indolent, inert, inflammable, insinuate, interment, intrepid, introvert, jargon, jettison, lampoon

WEEK THREE:  latent, literal, lucid, magnanimous, mandate, manual, maxim, metaphor, mingle, mitigate

WEEK FOUR:  myopia, neophyte, noxious, obesity, obliterate, obsolescent, oligarchy, omega, omnipotent, omnivorous

WEEK FIVE:  opulence, overcast, palatable, pallid, paltry, parsimonious, pastoral, patriarch, pensive, perception

WEEK SIX:  six weeks vocabulary test

Fourth Six Weeks

WEEK ONE:  perigee, perseverance, pert, perverse, plagiarism, platitude, poach, polygamy, potent, precise

WEEK TWO:  preeminent, prerogative, prevalent, pristine, prodigious, proselyte, prototype, qualm, quixotic, rabble

WEEK THREE:  ramshackle, rebel, reciprocal, recuperate, relegate, renegade, reprisal, resilient, resplendent, resume

WEEK FOUR:  retroactive, rote, saline, salutary, sanctuary, sanctuary, saturate, scruple, scrutinize, secular, shambles

WEEK FIVE:  simile, slothful, sojourn, soliloquy , spontaneous, stagnate, strategies, stringent, suave, subdue

WEEK SIX:  six weeks vocabulary test

Fifth Six Weeks

WEEK ONE:  succulence, supercede, surcharge, surly, surveillance, tangible, temerity, thrall, torpor, tranquil 

WEEK TWO:  transient, transverse, trepidation, tribulation, turbulent, unanimous, ungainly, upbraid, uproot, vacillation

WEEK THREE: vanguard, vendetta, verbose, vernacular, vertigo, vitality, volition, voracious, waft, wean  

WEEK FOUR:  wheedle, wont, zany, abject, accolade, acquiesce, adamant, affected, affront, alienate 

WEEK FIVE:  anomaly, apprehend, assimilate, augment, avocation, bandy, beguile, berate, bluster, carnal 

WEEK SIX:  six weeks vocabulary test

Sixth Six Weeks

WEEK ONE:  catholic, chastise, circumspect, coerce, condone, congenital, consecrate, constrict, contingent, cosmopolitan

WEEK TWO:  cower, cryptic, dank, debilitate, defection, demure, derelict, desecrate, diabolic, discern

WEEK THREE:  disconsolate, disseminate, distraught, diversity, dour, dubious, elicit, emissary, ensnare, epicure

WEEK FOUR:  eulogize, exemplary, exodus, expedite, extradite, falter, feasible, fetid, flail, flex

WEEK FIVE:  formal, fugitive, gamut, geriatrics, glut, gourmet, guile, hilarity, ignoble, imperturbable

WEEK SIX:  six weeks vocabulary test

First Six Weeks  Senior Words

WEEK ONE:  acrimonious, allegory, acerbity, abstruse, demagogue, acidulous, alienate, allocate, acknowledge, inalienable, acquiescent, aggrandize, agitate, synagogue, adhere, abstinence, abhor, actuate, alias, advocate

WEEK TWO:  anarchy, amoral, antipathy, ambiguous, biennial, appease, antithesis, antagonism, anthropoid, anomaly, philanthropist, analogous, amphitheater, perennial, enamored, anesthetic, annuity, appellation, ambulatory, animosity

WEEK THREE:  aural, avouch, avow, athwart, aver, averse, archipelago, atheistic, atypical, autonomous, artifacts, artisan, arbitrary, astringent, arbiter, archaic, audit, autocrat, avid, astral

WEEK FOUR:  bisect, benediction, benign, bicameral, biology, beneficiary, biscuit, benevolent, bellicose, brevity, bona fide, benefactor

WEEK FIVE:  campo, cacophony, circumscribe, circumvent, centurion, champion, captious, synchronous, cathartic, caption, catholic, incessant, casualty, recant, chronic, decadence, incite, cite,

WEEK SIX:  collaborate, compatible, claustrophobia, concoct, cognition, complacent, compact, commensurate, cognizance, cohesion, cohere, clamorous, complaisant, collation, compilation, coincident, collusion, collate, cognoscente, colloquy

Second Six Weeks

WEEK ONE:  consensus, conformity, concurrent, conversant, congeal, concentric, conclave, consort, congenital, contingent, correlate, convivial, conjugal, connive, context, contiguous, concomitant, consanguinity, conglomeration, concatenate

WEEK TWO:  corpulent, culpable, cursory, controvert, accrue, contravene, exculpate, countermand, cinecure, crux, contraband, counterpart, discordant, credence, corporeal, accretion, cryptic, excursion, curator, sinecure

WEEK THREE:  debase, debasement, decadence, decant, deciduous, declivity, decoy, decrepit, defection, deflect, depilate, depreciate, derogatory, deviate, devious, mandate, indebtedness, demagogue, dermatologist, dexterous

WEEK FOUR:  Diffusion, digressive, disclaim, disconcert, discordant, discretion, disdain, disheveled, disinterested, dismember, disparage, dispersion, disport, dissemble, dissimulate, diurnal, dictum, abdicate, docile, domicile   Third Six Weeks

WEEK FIVE:  enamored, enclave, encompass, encroachment, encumber, endue, engender, engross, enhance, enrapture, enthrall, entrée, environ, egoism, egotism

WEEK SIX:  epigram, epilogue, epitaph, epithet, epitome, epoch, ephemeral, energy, metallurgy, errant, eulogistic, euphemism, euphonious, exculpate, exemplary, exhort, exhume, exodus, extrusion, extraneous  

WEEK ONE:  facile, facilitate, effect, deify, fallacious, fallible, infallible, ferret, fidelity, perfidious, filial, affiliation, finale, finite, infirmity, deflect, fluctuation, fluency, flux, influx

WEEK TWO:  forte, fortitude, profusion, fusion, effusion, fractious, refraction, refractory, infraction, frangible, fragile, fraternity, centrifugal, subterfuge, monogamy, genteel, gentility, gentry, progenitor, progeny, regeneration

WEEK THREE:  heterogeneous, hypercritical, hypochondriac, hypocritical, generational, digressive, retrograde, egress, aggrandize, grandiloquent, graphic, epigram, gratis, gratuitous, gregarious, aggregate, habiliments, homogonous, homonym, hydrophobia

WEEK FOUR:  illimitable,  illusion, immobility, immutable, impassion, impassive, impeccable, impecunious, impenitent, impermeable, impervious, impiety, impious, implacable, implicit, impregnable, impromptu, impropriety, improvident, impunity

WEEK FIVE:  inanimate, inarticulate, inclement, inconsequential, incorrigible, indomitable, ineffable, inordinate, inscrutable, insolvency, insuperable, irregular, incarcerate, incentive, inclusive, incriminate, incursion, indict, inflated, ingratiate

WEEK SIX:  interminable, intransigent, intrepid, inviolability, invulnerable, irreconcilable, irrelevant, irremediable, irreparable, irreverent, irrevocable, inter, interment, intrinsic, integrity, intrude, inundate, inveigle, intercede, intervene

Fourth Six Weeks

WEEK ONE:  itinerary, itinerant, introvert, eject, projectile, trajectory, judicious, junta, abjure, rejuvenate, collaborate, lave, laudatory

WEEK TWO:  malevolent, malefactor, malign, malingerer, metamorphosis, metaphysical, libelous, libretto, libertine, litigation, allocate, loquacious, colloquy, grandiloquent, soliloquy, obloquy, magniloquent, epilogue, philology, prologue

WEEK THREE:  lucent, lucid, translucent, pellucid, elude, interlude, collusion, magnitude, magnate, emancipate, mandatory, maritime, maternal, alma mater, mediate, mediocre, medley, mentor, emersion

WEEK FOUR:  misadventure, misappreciation, miscreant, misgivings, misnomer, misery’s, monotheism, missile, admonish, premonition, metamorphosis, amorphous, morbid, mordant, moribund, morose, mortify, mobile, mutable, transmute

WEEK FIVE:  neophyte, nonchalance, nonentity, non squinter, obdurate, objurgate, obliquity, oblivion, obnoxious, obsession, obtrude, obtuse, orthodox, natal, cognomen, novice, renovate, omnipotent, omniscient, omnivorous

WEEK SIX:  pacifist, panacea, panorama, parable, paradox, paragon, paranoia, paraphrase, antipathy, apathetic, pathos, patriarch, patrimony, partiality, compulsion, propulsive, pendant, pendent, propriety

Fifth Six Weeks

WEEK ONE:  percussion, perdition, perennial, permeable, perpetual, perimeter, peripatetic, periphery, polygamist, polyglot, posterity, posthumous, philander, philanthropist, euphonious, cacophony, suppositious, potentate, omnipotent, plenipotentiary, potential

WEEK TWO:  predilection, preeminent, prelude, progenitor, progeny, prognosis, prognosticate, propound, prescribe, provident, proviso, protocol, pseudonym, psyche, psychiatrist, primordial, probity, reprobation, imputation, pyromaniac

WEEK THREE:  recant, recapitulate, recession, reciprocate, recourse, recreant, recurrent, redress, regeneration, rehabilitate, reimburse, relegate, reminiscent, remiss, queerer, query, querulous, rectify, rectitude, regime, regimen

WEEK FOUR:  renovate, repartee, repellent, repercussion, replenish, reprieve, reprisal, requite, retaliate, retraction, retrieve, reverberate, revulsion, derision, risible, derogatory, rupture

WEEK FIVE:  secession, sequester, severance, omniscience, semi-circle, ascribe, proscribe, segment, sedentary, sedulous, sensual, insensate, secular, subsequent

WEEK SIX:  subaltern, subjugate, subliminate, subservient, sub rosa adv, subsidiary, subterfuge, supercilious, superfluity, supercede, synchronous, synthesis, synthetic, consign, soliloquy, solvent, absolve, dissolute

Sixth Six Weeks

WEEK ONE:  somnambulist, somnolent, sophisticated, sophistry, specious, spectral, circumspect, retrospective, aspirant, aspiration, transpire, correspond, stagnant, staid, stamina, statute, stricture, stringent, astringent, construe

WEEK TWO:  tactile, contingent, curtail, ostensible, tentative, temporal, extemporaneous, tenacious, sustenance, interminable, terminus, inter, atheist, theocracy, thermal, synthesis, anathema, tortuous, tract, tractable

WEEK THREE:  terrestrial, monotheism, antithesis, tenets, tenure, temporize, pretension, portend, transgression, transcribe, transition, transmute, transpire, tranquility, transcend, transient, translucent, transparent, traverse

WEEK FOUR:  ulterior, ultimate, ultimatum, unanimous, unique, unison, unassuming, unbridled, uncanny, unconscionable, uncouth, unearth, unequivocal, unfeigned, unkempt, unruly

WEEK FIVE:  unearthly, unfaltering, ungainly, unimpeachable, unmitigated, unseemly, unsullied, untenable, unwitting, unwonted, tribunal, tribute, attribute, umbrage, penumbra, urbane, validate

WEEK SIX:  vicar, vicarious, intervention