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6th P.E.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are looking forward to providing your child with an exciting and rewarding physical education class.

Every child is required by law to participate in P.E every day.  We expect each child to participate to the best of their ability each day they attend class. There are days, however, when illness or injury may inhibit your child's ability to participate.  If so, please send a note with a brief description regarding the nature of the restriction.  If the condition restricts activity for more than 2 days, a doctor's note is required.   

In Junior High P.E., the students are required to dress out every day.  Students should bring a change of clothes (following the same guidelines as the dress code) to leave in their gym locker as well as a pair of shoes they can move in.  Girls need to tie their hair back, so it stays out of their face. 

They can take their clothes home daily to wash or at least at the end of the week. We will give them reminders to bring their clothes home.  We highly recommend students bring a combination lock for their gym locker.  Before they place the lock on, they must give us the code in case they forget their number. 

They will be given one grace day each six weeks if they happen to forget to bring a change of clothes.  After that, they will be deducted 2 points from their grade every time they do not change out. 

Safety is always first.  This is why we ask all of our students to come to class with appropriate footwear.  Wearing the wrong shoes can impact a  student’s safety/success during activities. Shoes like boots, sandals, crocs, hey-dudes, slip-ons, and even dress shoes can get in the way of simple activities like running, jumping, and stopping. It is important for students to wear proper footwear in order to participate safely in class activities and to be successful with those activities.  Students need to bring an extra pair if they choose to wear those types of shoes to school.We strongly encourage students to wear socks with their shoes as well to prevent blisters and sweaty, smelly feet.    

On another note, hygiene is also important at this age.  We highly recommend that students bring deodorant and or body spray to help control body odor.  This will help prevent embarrassment to the student as well as create a better environment for everyone around them.     



If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.  We look forward to getting to know you and working with you to help your child(ren) become the best person they can be for now and in the future.

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe,

Coach Twiner and Coach Neighbors