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For Parents

Guide for Parents/Guardians

Era Hornet Parents Guide

1.     Be a FAN!!! – The term fan is derived from the word fanatic.  We want you to be fanatical about Era Hornet Athletics.  This means be here to support all of our athletes and be loud in doing so.  We want you to cheer, clap, yell, shout, and show community spirit and enthusiasm.

2.     Be Positive – We ask that you keep a positive attitude when it comes to our athletes, coaches, and community.  Let the kids know that you are proud of them.  Era is a great place to be, always keep that in mind.  We also ask that you treat officials with respect, however difficult that may be.

3.     Beware of social media – Nothing you post on social media is private!  Someone will see it so please refrain from being negative.  However, we encourage you to post positive remarks often.   

4.     Be on time – Please have your kids at practice on time.  Understand that they will be held accountable regardless of the reason for their tardiness.  Please pick your kids up on time.  Coaches are usually around the facilities for 30 -45 minutes after practices and returning from games.  We will not leave kids unsupervised following games so please pick them within that time frame.

5.     Support the coaches – You may or may not always agree with a coach’s decision, but it is very important that you show us support at home and in the community.  A negative attitude can make it impossible for us to do our jobs, and ultimately impacts our athletes.

6.     Communicate – The coaching staff wants your feedback (good, bad, and indifferent).  We are always willing to listen.  We only ask that you follow the proper procedures. 

  • Please do not confront a coach with a complaint directly after a competition.
  • If you have a complaint please speak with the coach directly involved first.  If you are not satisfied at that point please contact the head coach of that sport or the athletic director.
  • Please try and avoid including the athlete if at all possible unless mutually agreed upon by coach and parent.
  • We will not talk about matters that directly involve athletes other than your own.
  • We reserve the right to refuse your concerns about practice and or game strategies.
  • Please be respectful