• My List of Stuff I have packed for Camp Grady Spruce:

    (This list is not everything but just a reminder of super important stuff!)


           ___Sack Lunch in a disposable container (in my backpack)

          ___ Medium size suitcase or duffle bag

           ___Bedding in a garbage bag (labeled with my name)

           ___Garbage bag for my dirty clothes

    __ Flashlight ( in my backpack)

          ___ Water bottle (with my name and in my backpack)

           ___Disposable camera (with my name on it and in my backpack)

           ___Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant

           ___2 towels and washcloths (with my name on them)

           ___Medicines to give to Mrs. Clark or Mrs. Huntington (with my name on them)