era hornetClassroom Expectations, Assignments, Grading Policy, & Consquences 

    Being a proud Era Hornet …

     I will be my BEST by:

    • Being in class on time, prepared & seated in my assigned seat.
    • Quietly working on bell work before the tardy bell rings.

     I will be PREPARED by:

    • Bringing supplies (paper, pencil, red pen, book, Chromebook, etc) and assignments to class.  Backpack will be left in locker.
    • Assignments should follow classroom guidelines:
      1. All papers need your full name and title of assignment.
      2. All work must be shown for each problem to receive credit. No work = no credit
      3. All work is to be completed in pencil. Most assignments will be submitted through Canvas.
      4. Assignments are due the following class day unless otherwise noted.
        • Late assignments will be accepted with a reduction of 30 points.
        • After3 days*, the assignment will not be accepted and student will receive a zero on assignment. *Due to end of grade reporting periods, this time frame will be adjusted as needed.
        • An ‘M’ stands for Missing and will be posted in the online gradebook/parent portal. This automatically averages a zero for the grade.  Grade will be updated if assignment is submitted. 
        • Student is responsible for content material.
      5. Grades will be comprised of:
        • Daily Grades 40%
        • Test Grades 45%
        • Six-Weeks Test/Project 15%

    I will RESPECT myself & others by:

    • Follow all school rules according to the student handbook.
    • Using appropriate language & gestures.
    • Keeping my hands, feet and other objects to myself.
    • Raising my hand and waiting to be recognized before speaking.

     Consequences should I choose not to be my BEST, PREPARED & RESPECTFUL. 

    • Warning
    • Teacher-Student Conference
    • Teacher-Parent Conference
    • Detention
    • Office Referral