School Supply List for 8th Math & Algebra 1

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  • This year school supplies might be handled differently, as there may be regulations regarding using "classroom supplies", so students might want to get individual supplies as able.


    Items to turn in to Mrs. Murrell:

    • 1-2 packages of Astrobrights color paper (approx. $4.00 @ Wal-Mart) - I use this paper to make our notes pages more colorful!!! The package with more sheets of the same color would be most helpful.

    Items to bring each day & replenish as necessary:

    • 100 page composition book - NOT a SPIRAL – this is the most important school supply!!!
    • Pencils with eraser & handheld sharpener (if not using mechanical pencils) - I request that pencil is used for practice assignments.  It is MATH after all. :)
    • 1 bottle of Elmer’s school glue (not glue sticks please as the glue sticks do not hold papers in place for the entire year)
    • Pair of scissors - we cut quite a bit in class to make our interactive notebook foldables
    • A positive attitude!!! :)

    Note:  I do have some scissors & glue in my classroom, but if they are used by your student, they will need to be sanitized after student use.

    Items to seriously consider purchasing for your student:

    • Map Pencils or Markers (student preference) - sometimes color in our notes makes things more memorable.
    • Pens (colors and style can be student preference but preferably something that does not bleed through paper) - for grading or labelling notes.
    • A folder (or place) to keep homework
    • Dry erase markers (Expo brand preferred) - I have some in classroom for student use, but would be best if had their own.
    • TI-83 or TI-84 Calculator