• In my classroom, I use a tiered discipline policy. If students fail to follow classroom expectations or other established classroom rules and procedures, then they will start at tier 1. If they don't continue to follow the expectations/rules/procedures, then they will move to the next tier.

    1. Warning
      • A student would receive a verbal warning and a reminder of the expectation/rule/procedure that wasn't followed
    2. Seat change
      • The student would then be asked to move/change seats
    3. Student/teacher conference
      • They would meet with me and we would discuss their behavior and work toward a solution on doing better in class
    4. Parent/coach conference
      • A parent or athletic/academic coach would be notified and asked to meet with me to discuss how else we can help the student do better and correct their misbheavior
    5. Office referral
      • That student would receive an office referral