• Welcome to our first year of Principles of Health Science!


    Course Description: The Principles of Health Science course is designed to provide an overview of the therapeutic, diagnostic, health informatics, support services, and biotecnology research and development systems of the health care industry. In this pilot class we will explore the multiple careers and their preparation, as well as different options and pathways involved in the health care industry. In this class, we will familiarize ourselves with the processes that influence wellness throughout a lifespan, the stages of development, and underatnd Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. The course requires us to look into the history of modern health care, the various influences on health care, and the how health care industry impacts the country's economy. We will understand the importance of communication, conflict resolution, effective leadership, ethical behavior, confidentiality, malpractice, negligence, and liability in the health care industry. This class will also have an opportunity to compare health care careers within diagnostics, therapeutic, biotechnology research, and support services. 


    Classroom Expectations: Be On TIME.  (See attendance/Tardiness policy)

                                             Show RESPECT to your peers and teacher.

                                             Keep your HANDS and FEET to YOURSELVES.

                                              Bring all of the MATERIALS (paper, pencil/pen, notes and homework) to class.

                                             Do not leave your seat without PERMISSION to do so, RAISE your handif you want to talk and wait until you are called to do so.

                                             FOLLOW the instructions the first time they are given.

                                             No HORSE PLAYING during lab activites.

                                             Follow the Lab Safety Rules.  There is NO TOLERANCE for unsafe or disrespectable classroom lab behavior. 

                                             Go to the restroom before or after class. Class time is valuable. 

                                             Electronic devices such as smartphonesvideo gamesheadphones, and music players are not allowed. We will use our chromebooks occasionally and it                                             is your responsibility to stay on task.

    Grading System: 

    The grading system is based on: 1) Participation (bell ringer, lab behavior, tardiness, and materials)

                                                    2) Classwork

                                                     3) Tests/Quizzes