• I am looking forward to another AMAZING year in Biology!


    Biology Syllabus: This course includes a study of living organisms and vital processes. Themes that will be covered in this course will be scientific skills, ecology, biochemistry, cellular processes, genetics, evolution, classification of organisms, as well as plant and human body systems. The course includes laboratory experiments designed to reinforce course content. We will study a variety of topics that include: structure and function of cells and viruses, growth and development of organisms, nucleic acids and genetics, taxonomy, ecosystems and the environment.


    Classroom Expectations: Be On TIME.  (See attendance/Tardiness policy)

                                             Show RESPECT to your peers and teacher.

                                             Keep your HANDS and FEET to YOURSELVES.

                                              Bring all of the MATERIALS (paper, pencil/pen, notes and homework) to class.

                                             Do not leave your seat without PERMISSION to do so, RAISE your handif you want to talk and wait until you are called to do so.

                                             FOLLOW the instructions the first time they are given.

                                             No HORSE PLAYING during lab activites.

                                             Follow the Lab Safety Rules.  There is NO TOLERANCE for unsafe or disrespectable classroom lab behavior. 

                                             Go to the restroom before or after class. Class time is valuable. 

                                             Electronic devices such as smartphones, video games, headphones, and music players are not allowed. We will use our chromebooks occasionally and it                                             is your responsibility to stay on task.

    Grading System: 

    The grading system is based on: 1) Participation (bell ringer, lab behavior, tardiness, and materials)

                                                    2) Classwork

                                                     3) Tests/Quizzes