• Class Descriptions:



    PHYSICS:  Physics is a branch of science that covers a wide variety of topics.  In High School Physics, we spend a great deal of time on mechanics, or motion.  We do touch on other parts of Physics such as magnetism, waves, and thermodynamics.  Physics involves many formulas and uses math a great deal.  Calculators are provided in the classroom for student use, and the formulas we use each week are posted in the room.  Being a good solver of equations is a key skill to have in order to be successful in Physics.


    PERSONAL FINANCE:   Personal Finance is a course designed to help the students learn to become financially responsible.  Many financial decisions that students will face are discussed and researched in this class.  Banking, insurance, building a house, and buying a car are just a few of the topics that are covered.  Students also learn to build a resume',  write business plans, apply for jobs, track expenses, and plan for retirement.  Through a stock market simulator, students get the opportunity to track stocks of their choosing in order to get an understanding of how the stock market works.