• Class Descriptions:


    Due to the circumstances, all classes are now online.  Assignments and some instruction will be available on google classrooms.  All students should have an invitiation to the classes that they are taking.  These invitations are by email.  I will have also send each student a daily invitation to a "zoom" meeting where they will be able to ask questions or get additional help. For Algebra II students, I plan on being availabe through zoom at 10:30 each morning.  For Calculus and IPC students, I plan on being availabe at 11:30.  My email address is renfrot@eraisd.net if you wish to contact me.  

    IPC or Integrated Physics and Chemistry:

    This class investigates many of the topics of physics such as movement, energy, magnetism, waves, heat engines, electricity, sound and light.   Also included are some basic chemistry topics such as compounds and solutions.   Students will use calculators that are provided in class to find solutions with formulas, learn the basic vocabulary of physics, and be provided some hands on lab and field experiences.  Some of the activities students will participate in include the building of a simple electric motor and an electromagnet.


    Algebra II:

    This class will build on the concepts of Algebra I. Topics from Algebra I such as equations, inequalities, systems of equations and the manipulation of polynomials will be investigated.  New topics such as  functions, logarithms, and some basic trigonometry will be discussed.



    In calculus, we will tackle three major topics.  Limits, derivatives, and integrals make up almost the entirety of the course.  Derivatives and integrals, along with their applications, will be the bulk of what is covered in calculus.  This may not seem like much, but each of those opens a wide variety subtopics that students will have the opportunity to investigate.