• Class Rules and Grading Policies

    Class Rules:

    1. Be ready for class when the bell rings.

    -this means be in your seat with all materials needed by the time the tardy bell rings

    1. Listen carefully

    -always pay attention to instructions and demonstrations

    1. Be courteous

    -show courtesy to others in the classroom at all times

    1. Enjoy class

    -come to class every day with a good attitude

    All classes are now online.  More information is available on the class overview page.


    Grading Policies:

    Daily work counts as 40% of your grade.  Daily work is made up of homework and quizzes.  Work that is called homework will seldom be completed outside the classroom.  Most of this grade will come from work done in class

    Tests count as 45% of your grade.  These will be announced at least a day in advance, and reviews will be provided.  If a student would like to improve a test grade, they will have one week to do so after the test is returned.  They will do this by taking a retest.  The retest will cover the same material as the test, but will not be identical to the original test.  Students cannot lower their grade by retesting.

    Six Weeks Tests count as 15%.  These tests will be announced at least a few days in advance and reviews will be provided.  No retests are allowed on a six weeks test.