• Tuesday, December 3rd

     All writing events (Creative & Ready), Editorial Writing and Spelling events will be held at Chico Elementary School, beginning at 3:30 PM.  Once your child has completed his/her event(s), they are free to be picked up by you.  The school will provide your child with a healthy snack before the contest begins.  If your child is riding the bus back to school, it will arrive around 7:30 PM.  Please be in the East Parking lot of Era Elementary by 7:20 PM.  They will not call you when they get back to Era.

     Thursday, December 5th

    All other events will be held on Thursday, December 5th at Chico Elementary,  beginning at 9:30 AM.  Once your child has completed his/her event(s), they are free to be picked up by you.  The PTO will pay for each participant's lunch, prepared in Chico's cafeteria.  The meals consists of a choice of an entree, chips, cookies and a water.

     On Thursday, December 5th, the bus will leave Era at 7:45 AM. If your child eats breakfast at school, they may arrive to eat on that day at 7:15 AM.   We will be taking 2 buses to and from Chico.  The "early bus" will arrive back to Era around 3 PM and students on that bus WILL take their normal route home at the end of the school day.  If students are competing later in the afternoon, they will ride the "late bus" back to Era arriving about 5:30 PM.  We ask that if you are picking up your child at Era, that you be in the east parking lot no later than 5:15 PM.  You may also pick your child up from Chico Elementary cafeteria once they have finished all of their events.

    Please do not ask your student to call and tell you when they have finished their event(s).  Events usually run on schedule so please refer to the schedule if you are picking a student up from Chico.  If there is a change in the bus's arrival time, we will notify parents.

     Students should dress in nice clothes (Sunday best) especially if they are in a speaking event.  NO t-shirts or "Era" shirts  please.  This is a request for both competition days.

    If you child is a sixth grader participating in Modern Oratory or Impromptu Speaking AND they make finals - they will contact you to let you know that they will be riding back to school with an Era ISD employee in a school suburban.  Finals for these two events do not begin until 4:30PM, so their arrival time would be around 6:30 PM.    

     Students may bring books to read or cards or games to play while they are waiting for their contests on either day.  Please no electronics.  Please put their name on all items so they can be easily identified.  Era staff and volunteers are not responsible for lost or stolen items.