UIL Music Memory

  • Students can choose to try out for UIL Music Memory. We practice in the music room during activity period (2:13-2:46): 2nd-4th grades on Monday and Wednesday, 5th-8th grades on Tuesday and Thursday.

    Music Memory involves listening to 10-20 pieces of music (depending on the student's grade level) and identifying the Major Work, the Selection, and the Composer. For the UIL contest spelling counts, so students will practice writing all of these!

    Students need to know which composer goes with each selection of music, and which major work it is from when there is one. I have put together Quizlet flashcards for the students to practice with. Scroll down to find the one for your grade level! 





    On the following list,

    -6th-8th grade do all of the pieces.

    -5th grade does 1-16, and 17-20 are tie breakers (Mrs. Spears says they always need the tie breakers!)

    -3rd-4th do 1-16

    -2nd does the highlighted titles only. ( 2, 3, 5, 6, 8-12, and 14)


     2nd grade flashcards: 

    3rd-4th grade flashcards:


    5th-8th grade flashcards: