• Enrollment for NEW Era students 2022-23




    Welcome to Era! Complete the link below if you reside within the boundries of the district. You will need to stop by a campus office to complete registration, but please call for an appointment at 940-665-5961 Ext: #220 Elementary and #210 Secondary.

    The campua offices are located off of FM922, the first entrance Hornet Drive, Era.  The Elementary campus is the first building KG thru 5th grade, and the second main entrance is the Secondary Campus 6th thru 12th grade. There are several steps to the enrollment process, so please read the instructions carefully.  If you have any problems along the way, contact Ann Myers, Registrar at 940-665-5961, Ext:#225, or by email at myersa@eraisd.net.

    Parent Portal 

    • Information you will need to have handy before beginning
      • Student’s social security card number
      • The license plate number for each contact or guardian who has the right to transport your student
    • Documents to upload
      • Up to date immunization record
      • Original birth record
      • Social Security Card - An alternate number can be issued if you prefer. Communicate your preference to Mrs. Harris at harrisd@eraisd.net
      • Proof of Residency - A bill in one of the parent's name. There are other forms of proof, talk with the registrar.
      • Enrolling person's driver's license

    Helpful Hints:  When asked for the parent or guardian name, please type the first and last name.  If you come upon a question and do not know the required answer, DO NOT put question marks across the field.  Instead, exit out of the registration packet, and start over when you have the necessary information.You will need to know the permit or license number of each student driver and their license plate information. This information is required for the student to be able to park on campus.