• Click the link below to view a map of Possum Kingdom Lake.  It's a beautiful lake with a lot of wonderful Texas history behind it!
    PK Lake Map                                 
                                  pk lake                 
    Click the link below to learn a little about Possum Kingdom Lake's history
    Check out this link for more of the lake's history
    This site gives a little more background information on settlers that lived and died in the PK lake area
    Black Springs Cemetery            
    The link below talks about Oran, Texas which was a stop on the Goodnight-Loving Trail and is near the lake.
                       oran robertsMr. Oran Roberts, governor of Texas
    This web site has information on the Johnson family who owned the area near PK Lake
    These links give more information on the famous small town buried under PK lake
    Pickwick Cemetery             

    The Costello Family