• homework
    Students will need to read 20 minutes each day at home and study the weekly spelling and vocabulary words.
    When students have finished reading a book, they are expected to take an AR quiz at school on that book. Students earn points for these quizzes, and they are expected to meet their points goal each six weeks. Most books in our library are AR books. The point value, book/grade level, and quiz number for each book is noted at the front of each book. Your child may read books from home and other libraries too. If you'd like to know if a book is an AR book, click on the following link and you may search by title, author, or topic http://www.arbookfind.com .
    Spelling/Vocabulary lists are given to students on Mondays of each week. Students will use these at home and in the classroom. These can be kept in their "GO" folder. This list can also be found each week on my website under "Weekly Newsletter". Just click on the link for each week from that page.
    If any paper or written homework is given, students are expected to return their homework the following day. If students do not turn their homework in on time, they will lose a Dojo point. If students are absent, they will have one day for each absence, after they return to school, to turn in any missed work. Missed work can always be sent home with a sibling or be picked up that day at the office.