This year I will be using Class Dojo to track students’ behaviors. This program is a great way to help keep parents aware of their child’s behavior in class.

    Class Dojo lets students earn points for positive behaviors such as being on task, following directions, helping others, etc. Students can also lose points for negative behaviors such as being off task, not following directions, not completing homework, etc.

    As a parent you will be able to check your child’s progress anytime. Another cool feature of Dojo is general parent/teacher communication. You will be able to send and receive messages to and from the teacher. You will also be able to view pictures and stories about things going on in our classroom and school!
     Class Rules
    Listen when others are talking.
    Follow directions.
     Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
     Work quietly and do not disturb others.
     Show respect for school and personal property.
     Work and play in a safe manner.