•  class dojo We use Class Dojo in 2nd grade to monitor behavior at school.  It's a fun way for kids to earn points through a positive reinforcement!  Students can earn points for being helpful, working quietly, walking in line, being courteous, etc...Students may also lose points for misbehavior.  I encourage you to download the free app to monitor your student's progress throughout the day and receive weekly reports!  
    Class Dojo is also our main line of communication.  There is a great feature called "Messages" and this is where you and I can communicate privately about your child.  It's an instant message so I know immediately when you have sent it and you know immediately when I have replied.  It's great if you have a last minute message to me about checking your child out early or if they are not going to be at school.  Check it out!
    Class Dojo has also included "Class Story" and "Student Story".  "Class Story" is where I post pictures and information from inside our classroom.  Everyone in our class can see it.  I will often post pics of projects we are working on or your students involved in learning!  I VERY often also post pictures of important notes coming home!  So if you think you have missed an important  note, check Class Story!  "Student Stories" are stories about your child.  Only you can see your child's Student Story.  During the year, students may post pictures or videos of things they are working on in class and it's a type of keepsake for you!  We love it! 
    How to join:
    1.  Visit www.classdojo.com and choose "Parents enter your code" (If you have previously signed up for Class Dojo, then you should automatically be connected when you sign in...you should see Mrs. Chaffin's as your child's teacher now)
    2.  You will need a personal code for your student from me.  If you have NOT already received your code, please e-mail me at chaffinm@eraisd.net and I will be happy to send you your personal code.
    3.  Download the app for your phone!  See directions on the web site.
Last Modified on April 30, 2018