• Your child will have 2 books with them at all times.  They will have their group book to read and an AR book to read.  Nightly, I only expect that they read their group book.  However some students may want to read both to you!  That's great!  
    Every six weeks, Mrs. Spears, our librarian has reading incentive parties.  To be able to go to these parties, students must receive AR points to attend. Each AR book has a certain amount of points awarded if the student takes the AR test and makes a 100.  
    I do ask that students read only 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade level books.  Once they test on a book, they can never test on it again.  We want to have plenty for them to test on in the future! 
    Listed below are the requirements of points for each six weeks.  The points will change as the year progresses!
    1st Six Weeks:  4 points
    2nd Six Weeks:  6 points 
    3rd Six Weeks:  8 points 
    4th Six Weeks:  10 points 
    5th Six Weeks:  12 points
    6th Six Weeks:  14 points 
Last Modified on October 22, 2018