• Era ISD - Purchasing Information for Potential Vendors

    General Information

    This information is provided in order to facilitate the identification of qualified vendors that desire to be considered for business opportunities with the Era Independent School District, including products and services solicited through both the general purchasing and competitive procurement processes.  Please complete the information on the Vendor Application Forms found at the links below, and return to:

    Era ISD

    Attn: Purchasing

    108 Hargrove Street

    Era, TX 76238




    Attn: Suzette Henderson 
    Director of Finance





    Attn: Purchasing

    Once these forms are received, your company will be added to our vendor contact list.  Please be specific in listing the products and services your company offers.  You will receive formal bid invitations or quotation requests for those items you indicate, in the event the District seeks to purchase those products or services.  In order to remain on our vendor list, please respond to such invitations with a price offer or a “no bid”.  If such a response is not received, your company is subject to removal from the vendor’s list.

    Purchasing Procedures

    • The Administration Office shall verify product and service quality, company performance, insurance, and warranty standards.  Any vendor, new service company representative, or sales organization shall complete this application prior to being considered for purchasing or service opportunities within Era ISD.
    • Payment of undisputed, authorized invoices may be expected within thirty (30) days.
    • All purchases shall be executed by an Era ISD Purchase Order, signed by the proper authorities, and shall conform to the terms of that contract.  You must receive a signed hard copy of the Purchase Order before a valid contract for payment exists between your company and Era ISD.
    • Invoices should be mailed to:  Era ISD, Attn: Accounts Payable, 108 Hargrove Street, Era,TX  76238.  The District shall not be responsible for payment of invoices that do not have a corresponding properly drawn Purchase Order, and invoices sent to the District should list the corresponding Purchase Order number.
    • Vendors agree to accept Era ISD Purchase Orders and follow District payment terms.  Goods and services purchased by Era ISD shall be considered delivered and freight prepaid unless specifically noted on the bid, contract, or purchase order.  Changes of prices are not allowed without written authorization from the purchasing authority.

     Adherence to the above policies will allow the district to comply with state laws and pay on a timely basis.

    Click on the links below to access Vendor forms:

    Please contact our Administration office if you have questions
    or need additional information:
    Jeremy Thompson                                         Suzette Henderson
    Superintendent                                               Director of Finance
    (940)665-2007 x212                                      (940)665-2007 x211
    thompsonj@eraisd.net                                   hendersons@eraisd.net

    Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

    Effective January 1, 2006, Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code requires a person who contracts or seeks to contract with the Era Independent School District for the sale or purchase of property, goods, or services to file a conflict of interest questionnaire with the District. The questionnaire must be filed no later than the seventh businesses day after the date that the person: (1) begins contract discussions or negotiations with the District; or (2) submits to the District a response to a request for proposal or bid, correspondence, or another writing related to a potential agreement with the District.

    An updated conflict of interest questionnaire must be filed no later than September 1 of each year in which the person; (1) has begun contract discussions or negotiations with the District; or (2) submits to the District an application, response to a request for proposals or bides, correspondence or another writing related to a potential agreement with the District; and (3) the seventh business day after the date of an event that would make a statement in the questionnaire incomplete or inaccurate. The updated questionnaire is not required if the person has filed an updated questionnaire on or after June 1, but before September 1 of that year.

    It is the vendor's responsibility to interpret the requirements of Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code.