Jereme Dietz
High School
 & Junior High Principal
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Era I.S.D.
Era,  TX
The 2016-2017 school year is well underway!  We are off to a GREAT start and I am expecting many great things from our students and teachers!  We have several new teachers on our campus this year: Mrs. Andrea Clark is working in our agricultural science department and will be tasked with getting our greenhouse going with several innovative activities; Mrs. Jane Bohac will be teaching Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC), Biology, and Anatomy and Physiology (A&P)...her background as a registered nurse will definitely be a plus for our biology and A&P students; Mrs. Dana Klement will be teaching 7th and 8th grade English and language arts, Mrs. Klement will also be assisting Mrs. Taylor with our One Act Plays; Ms. Delanie Sager will be our new choir director and we are excited about her passion as a choir director and plans for contests and performances; and Mrs. Kimberly Richardson will be a teacher's aide for Mrs. Beckham...she is great with children and puts a smile on the face of everyone she meets.  With each passing school year, Era JR/SR High School gets better and better, and I firmly believe that this school year will be no different!  
Academically, our teachers continue to be on the cutting edge with classroom techniques and philosophies that incorporate the use of current technologies and also research based practices that require the most of our students.  The students at Era ISD understand that they are expected to produce quality work, and they never cease to amaze me with the projects they create.  In March, we purchased a 10-station virtual reality 3-D lab.  We implemented the lab with a handful of lessons in physics in the Spring, but we plan to incorporate the technology in a number of different classrooms and content areas this school year.  Era ISD is the only public school in Cooke county and one of only a handful across the state of Texas with this technology and we are excited to be able to give our students the opportunity to have access to such a valuable learning tool.  Again, I am excited about this school year, and I am looking forward to the many great things this year's Hornets will accomplish!
As always, if you need to contact me, you may call me at (940) 665-5961 extension 214, or send me an email at
Thank You,
Jereme Dietz