CHEERLEADER/MASCOT/MANAGER TRYOUTS For the 2018-2019 School Year


    Tryout Date: 

    Friday 3-9-18, Time is TBA.  Tryouts are closed, but parents may sit in the cafeteria.  Girls are released as soon as we are done with individual tryouts.  High School will try out first, followed by Junior High.

    Tryout Meetings:
    **Junior High will be held on Wednesday, January 24 during Activity Period.
    **High School will be held on Thursday, January 25 during Activity Period.
    Sign-ups will run from Wednesday, January 24th(for JH) and Thursday, January 25th(for HS)- Thursday, February 15th. Please turn in completed packet to Mrs. Newton in the elementary building.


    Cheerleader Requirements:  To learn and perform--

                             1.   1 Cheer (this will be performed as an individual)   

                            2.   1  Chant (this will be performed in a group)

                            3.  3 Jumps (jump of choice, toe touch, jump of choice)

                            4.  1  Dance (this will be performed in a group)


    Cheerleader Tryout Clinic Dates: 

         **Wednesday, February 28

             Thursday, March 1

             Tuesday, March 6

             Wednesday, March 7--run-through of tryouts

    **All practice times are from 3:45pm-5:30pm




     Cheerleader Attire for Tryouts:  

    1.Soffee Shorts (black or gold)

    2. Solid colored T-shirt (black or gold)

    3. Tennis Shoes (not cheer shoes)

    4. Hair up and out of your face (ponytail).

    5.  Neat and clean-looking. 



    Mascot Requirements: 

    Create and perform a skit that is 3-5 minutes long. You must include props (that you make), music (that you provide) and dancing.  Also, you must show a lot of school spirit!  You must recieve approval from Mrs. Newton for the skit prior to tryouts.

    Mascot Practice Dates: 

    You have from now until the try-outs to create and perfect your routine.

    Mascot Attire for Tryouts:  

    Bring shorts and a t-shirt to wear under the mascot uniform (that will be provided by cheer coach)

    Manager Tryout: 
    Will be at tryouts.  You will be asked questions about different situations and what you would do, what you think the responsibilities of the manager are, and how to handle those responsibilities.